Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Breathe Owl Breathe

Hi-Dive Denver 11-2-10
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super
Z. Saint James

The Dodos Interview

Ogden Theater--Black Slim Devil, C-41 400

On July 28th, 2010, I sat down with The Dodos' Meric Long before a show at The Ogden Theater in Denver.

How's the tour been so far?

It's been rad because we get to play rooms like this, and its all been really good, man. Nothing crazy to report, which is actually kind of a relief. It's been about as relaxing as a tour could ever be. Plus, its been tons of fun to play with The New Pornographers.

Do you notice the difference between The New Pornographers' and Dodos' crowds?

Yeah, I mean they kinda have older fans, so when there are younger kids in the crowd we kind of just hope they listen to us. (laughs)

Dark Dark Dark Interview

 In May, 2010 I sat down with Marshall LaCount, Nona Marie Invie and Jonathan Kaiser of Dark Dark Dark to talk about travel, sound and the (then) upcoming record, Wild Go.

So you guys are touring...

Marshall: First day, actually. We were in New York and then Minneapolis playing shows, but this is our first show of our west coast venture.

Where are you heading from here?

M: Up to Salt Lake and then Portland, Olympia, Seattle and all that.

I'm sure you'll get support in Portland and Seattle, but I don't know about Salt Lake...

M: (laughs) It's on the way.  

The Lighthouse And The Whaler -- Acoustic Performance

Back in June, I interviewed The Lighthouse And The Whaler. Those kids are absolutely awesome and offered to bring all their instruments downstairs and play a song for us (The One Time We Happened To Bring A Video Camera). This is an acoustic performance of an unnamed and unreleased track, recorded by Aaron Radcliffe underneath the Hi-Dive in Denver. Thank you so much Lighthouse. Thank you Hi-dive. Now, will somebody sign these fucking guys already?


EDIT: I am told the song is now called "Venice" and will appear on their upcoming release, to be recorded this summer.

Long Time No See

Plywood Violins is finally getting going again after a six month hiatus. From here on out all photography (for now) will be original compositions from myself and my official partner in crime, E.R.S. All writing (for now) will mostly just be talking recorded by myself.

To start fresh is, ironically, to publish two backlogged interviews (Dark Dark Dark and The Dodos (I'm sorry that took so long)) and an exclusive acoustic performance of an unreleased song by The Lighthouse And The Whaler (you too guys). Then, finally, Something New... maybe a photograph. And then maybe Something Else. I don't know.

-- Zane Saint James